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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. Chalkstream Capital Group, L.P. (“Chalkstream”) collects personal information, such as your address, social security number, assets, transaction and/or income information, for example, when you: (i) provide it in your subscription agreement and related documents; (ii) provide it in correspondence and conversations with Chalkstream’s representatives; or (iii) enter into transactions with any of the investment products managed or advised by Chalkstream (collectively, the “Funds”), such as when you purchase interests in a Fund, tell us where to send money or make a wire transfer. Chalkstream may also collect your personal information from other sources, such as your designated representatives. For purposes of processing investor transactions, maintaining investor account(s) in the Fund(s) or other everyday business purposes, Chalkstream may disclose information about its investors, prospective investors or former investors to affiliates or non-affiliates. In addition, it may be necessary under anti-money laundering and similar laws to disclose information about the Funds’ investors in order to accept subscriptions from them. Chalkstream may also disclose investor information when required or requested by court order, legal investigation or in response to a regulatory inquiry or filing requirement. Chalkstream may use investor information, including information about a particular investor’s transactions and experiences with a Fund, for purposes of its own internal marketing discussions, such as discussion of whether to offer other Chalkstream investment products to such investor. When you are no longer an investor in a Fund, Chalkstream may continue to use your information internally for these types of marketing discussions. However, you may contact Chalkstream at any time to request that such use be discontinued. Please note that if you limit usage for an account you had held jointly with someone else, then your choices will apply to everyone on your account. State laws may give you additional rights to limit information usage. Chalkstream generally does not share investor information with placement agents or other third-party marketing firms. If an investor has been introduced to us by a placement agent or other third-party marketing firm, then Chalkstream may disclose certain information to the applicable firm regarding such investor’s investment in a Fund, such as the calculation of fees thereon.

To protect your personal information from unauthorized access and use, Chalkstream employs security measures that comply with federal law. These measures include computer safeguards, secured access to its office premises, and file security measures. Chalkstream’s Privacy Policies apply to individuals only and may be changed at any time, provided a notice of such change is given to you.

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